Booster Club General Meeting 9/21/21

The first general meeting of the Orenco Booster Club for the 21/22 school year was held on 9/21. The board was in attendance, as well as Principal Allison Combs and two parents (Bree and Norma).

Pam commenced the meeting and Erin reviewed the proposed budget for the year. She reviewed the actual revenue – box tops, dining nights, holiday shop, jogathon, Art to Remember, Kroger rewards and Amazon Smile. We will promote the Kroger rewards since we only have about 80 families signed up and we earned $960.

We have the administration funding, including the counselor and specials. There is a half-time counselor so there is a line item for $100 accordingly. PE equipment is a placeholder for Mr. Johnson, resulting from a grant he was awarded. We will remind him of the funds.

Classroom enhancements was increased back to $200 per teacher, including specials. Since Ms. Rainey and Ms. Schaffer are half-time, each receive $100. It was noted by Allison that Ms. Patterson is part of the media center staff and funds will be placed there. Also, Ms. Keenan is a teacher for Spanish literacy and is a student success coach, so it was agreed a line item and funds should be allotted for her.

The playground equipment is a placeholder for the funds already set aside (at $20,000). There are the statis expenses that cannot be changed. 

We opted to set nothing aside for equipment repair since we don’t have plans to use the equipment, especially with Covid protocols in place. 

The Booster Club would like to update the staff lounge, and we set aside $6,000 to do so. Robyn explained the goal is to make the space more enjoyable, functional and inviting. Bree asked how we intend to spend the funds and whether there are proposals. Robyn advised we intend to survey the teachers and staff to get their input on what they would like or what their needs are for the space. From there, we can tailor the improvements to align with what the consensus is. We hope to paint, add art, comfortable and functional seating…a welcoming space. We already cleaned and reorganized the cabinets and stocked the lounge with coffee pods and snacks. Elisabeth advised she has a sign-up genius ready to disseminate to see if we can get volunteers to help keep the room stocked. The budget also reflects money set aside to help keep the snacks and coffee stocked, absent of any donations. Elisabeth will send out the sign-up info to the board to review and Allison suggested we can include information in newsletter. We will also need to have some help determining what is needed in the lounge to replenish since we still cannot access.

We have $22,000 remaining for grants and special projects. These funds are not specifically designated, and it is used for proposals from staff and teachers. We hope some of the funds can be used for a mural Allison expressed interest in having painted in the O gallery area. 

For events, we have some tentative things planned, but some may need to be virtual. We hope we can access the building to conduct an art lit project; we have one already picked out. We also want to conduct a virtual family night art lit. Jill (one of our parent volunteers) indicated there would be no Lego robotics, so there is only a placeholder. We propose moving funds to Orca Live since Mr. Futter expressed some “wish list” items to use funds for. Allison indicated Nikki Beale is the Steam coordinator and Allison was unaware there wouldn’t be robotics. There are after school buses available, but if not robotics, there may be something else in its place. We indicated general funds could be used if there is a proposal. As for Orca Live, the request is to replace some pieces of tech – mics, batteries, SD cards – and props. They would like to get a back-up camera and camcorders for the students so they can film shorts at home.

We are still hoping to hold the book fair in October in person. Usually, we also have one in May. For spirit days, we discussed some ideas for having the student grades come up with ideas or vote on ideas. The Boosters set aside funds to potentially purchase rubber bracelets with an orca on it for spirit days. We felt this would be inclusive and an equalizer since all the bracelets would be the same. We spoke about breaking down the voting and ideas to grade level, devoting each day to a particular grade. Allison mentioned how teachers are also hoping to do something like a drop everything and read. Trying to stay away from costumes or dress-up days helps with the inclusivity. She selected Proud to be an Orca for the first spirit day. Allison will offer our help to the teacher lead as we are happy to help with ideas for spirit days.

Funds set aside for staff appreciation, and we increased the funds allotted for staff birthdays so we can give $10 gift cards. 

The proposed budget will be voted on at the October meeting.

Pam opened the floor to Allison, and she had no questions. As for volunteers, she is trying to get more information as to when the volunteers may be allowed, especially with picture day approaching. We discussed what Jill was thinking for the book fair, to perhaps have carts outside, but Allison noted these areas are being used for students throughout the day. We may have to brainstorm more and perhaps see about tents. Erin mentioned using library time, but again volunteers would be needed.  

Erin noted she is trying to find an online holiday shop since the ones we’ve used previously are doing in-person. We are also hopeful to have jogathon in the spring. 

We talked about potentially having bingo night during school, maybe on a Friday afternoon so it’s kids only. We have funds and prizes and can help with organizing. Allison mentioned that could be a spirit day. 

The meeting concluded with the next meeting slated for October 19th.

Booster Club General Meeting – 5/11/2021

The only attendees at the general meeting was the Booster Board members: Pamela Lamm,
Erin Stafford, Robyn Bruun, Shannon Takizawa, Vic Fiore and Erica Binelli. Elisabeth Pope was
unable to attend.

The sole item on the agenda was the election of next school year’s board members. At the last
general meeting, nominations were put forward as follows:
Pamela Lamm – President
Robyn Bruun – Vice President
Erin Stafford and Shannon Takizawa – co-Treasurers
Erica Binelli – Secretary
Elisabeth Pope and Vic Fiore – co-Volunteer Coordinators

A vote was then taken on each individual nomination; all ayes with no opposition. Thus, the
booster board will remain with the same members for the 2021-22 school year.
With no further items to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.

Orenco Booster Club – General Meeting 4/13/2021


All booster board members, Pamela Lamm, Erin Stafford, Robyn Bruun, Shannon Takizawa, Elisabeth Pope, Vic Fiore and Erica Binelli, were in attendance along with Principal Allison Combs.


The meeting commenced discussing Jogathon. Pam and Erin were able to get some of the bingo prizes to augment what we have for Jogathon. Robyn said both Omsi and the Aquarium said no to reissuing the gift cards we already have, even though she explained they are only expired. There will be follow up calls to John’s Incredible Pizza and Great Wolf Lodge, as well as Big Al’s and King Pins. Shannon offered to contact Schute park to see if they can contribute. Robyn asked Erin if there is a deadline for having all the prizes sorted since Erin is working on the informational sheets for the packets, and she estimated we need everything settled by 4/19 so we can ensure timely turn-around from print shop. Tee shirts will be in the week of 4/26. Erica and Robyn offered their homes to sort shirts and put packets together. Sonic offered free ice cream certificates and a free water bottle for all students.


Erin said she has most of the paperwork finalized, except the prize list. Robyn asked if Erin needed to delegate anything for additional help and she said she has all in order. The only remaining item she could use assistance on is the prize list. 


Robyn has the google form ready for the encouragement posters. Robyn recommended we include a QR code on the information sheet Erin compiled to link to the encouragement poster sign up. We agreed the information on the posters needs to be disseminated prior to the packets since we will need to time to have them printed up and distributer. Erin said the informational flyer is digital.


Allison indicated there are about 250 students currently in CDL. We need to limit when adults come onto school grounds while school is in session. So, for packet distribution, we are looking at 1-6 or 3-6 Monday through Friday. The boosters will check on status mid-week when packets are distributed to see if there is any follow up needed with students. 


A vote was taken on whether to take some of the unused, budgeted bingo night money and utilize it for some additional big-ticket prizes. All were in favor. We have Costco gift cards to use as well. Elisabeth offered to buy the Costco cards so the boosters can use cash at a different store which may have better prize options. 


Allison asked about the packet turn in slated for 5/21 and we agreed we could have booster members oversee this from 3-6 that Friday. Allison offered to keep a tub in the office for students to drop off packets prior and up to that date. This will be in the instructions. 


Shannon asked how information sheet will be distributed, which will be by email and in Remind. 


Robyn suggested we have Oreo be part of the kick-off event, having him do warm up exercises to music in a pre-recorded video. All agreed pre-recorded would be the best option. Allison said she would record something, and we would just need assistance in putting a video together. Erin asked whether Orca Live could assist, and she will reach out to see if they can. We discussed having classes take photos of everyone wearing their tee shirts. We can have the kick-off video played during morning meeting. Vic said he can assist with the video if necessary.


All agreed we will meet at Erica’s home on Friday 4/30 to put the packets together.


Moving on to Book Fair, Pam said Jill emailed Allison regarding whether we will have a spring book fair. Allison said she was thinking about if it would be feasible. The one in the autumn, which was also virtual, brought in a tenth of what we normally make. Robyn suggested it be held post Jogathon so we can focus on promoting our biggest fundraiser of the year. Jill indicated the dates available are 5/17-21, which is right in the middle of Jogathon. Considering the amount of marketing teachers and office staff, as well as boosters do for Jogathon, it may be overwhelming to add book fair. All agreed we would not hold book fair now and wait until the fall. Elisabeth and Erica offered to work with Jill on learning how she coordinates since after next year, Jill will no longer have a student at Orenco.


Pam opened the floor to Allison. Allison asked about teacher appreciation and Pam advised she already has everything prepared. STEAM night is coming up and Erin reminded her we have $300 set aside. Allison indicated we have two Mad Science sessions arranged so funds will be necessary. Vic suggested he could present his project with the second grade only, since it would be easier with distributed materials. He offered assistance to any other teachers who may need help with project ideas. Erin asked Allison about the reward for meeting participation goals. There isn’t an issue with asking teachers to do a jib-jab video and Allison is willing to do something…maybe a bike ride in a banana suit.


Next order of business was nominations. Pam recommended on keeping all current board members in the current positions, as long as there is no opposition or new nominations. Each member was re-nominated: Pam as President, Robyn as Vice President, Erin and Shannon as co-Treasurers, Erica as Secretary and Elisabeth and Vic as co Volunteer Coordinators. All were seconded. A vote was then taken on each individual nomination; all ayes with no opposition. Thus, the booster board will remain with the same members for the 2021-22 school year.


The final discussion related to the by-laws and the clause which discusses fundraising not to be contributing to a commercial entity’s gaining 50% or more market value. Erin brought up the broader concept of restaurant nights and whether we are compliant. Vic had broached this subject after New Seasons declined having the bin for the shoe drive, citing issues with the company we are working with. The fear is placing our non-profit status at risk. This particular company works with hundreds of non-profits, and the bylaws specify using the name of the commercial entity, which we are not. Still, if we can’t work with businesses for fundraisers, then how would raise any money? The language in the bylaws is most likely boiler plate from another PTO. The board agreed to table this matter until summer, and we will look for a lawyer or CPA to review and advise if changes may be necessary or not, and if so, see if they can assist. We can also check if there is anyone in our community who specializes in non-profits to see if they will assist pro-bono. Erica suggested we all take on a section of the bylaws to review, so we can have this professional address all concerns holistically.


This concluded the meeting.

 Booster Club General Meeting – 10/13/2020 

The Booster Club held a general meeting on Tuesday, 10/13/2020. In attendance were Pamela Lamm, Erin Stafford, Robyn Bruun, Shannon Takizawa, Elisabeth Pope, Vic Fiore, Erica Binelli and Allison Combs. 

Pamela called the meeting to order at 7:05pm. 

Allison Combs began by discussing her focus on engaging the community more and how can we accomplish this. She is open to any input or ideas. 

She also submitted the playground proposal to Adam Stuart. Allison said it seemed like the proposal may end up in his “good idea folder”, but once more is sorted out with the current situation and the bond, there may be funding leftover for the improvement. She felt she presented a robust proposal and she will advise if she receives further information. 

With Remind, she is still learning how to use the app as an administrator. She is attending a session to see how she can create a group. If the booster club would like to create a group or have her disseminate information via the app, just let her know. Similarly, if there is anything we would like to include in the bi-weekly family newsletter, to reach out to her or Brandi. Or to Noemi Cardenas who was hired as a new secretary. 

Allison broached the subject of the recent trauma our community experienced as it relates to Mr. Cunningham. This news was devastating and heart-wrenching for her, the staff and our families. There are resources she and staff have curated which deal with how to talk to children about this situation and if anyone reaches out, to let her know. Robyn shared how she feels transparency is key, and people may not know where to find information or to whom they can reach out. She recommended including it in the newsletter. Erin mentioned a friend reached out, but as a counselor, Erin was able to provide helpful advice. No one else has received any requests for resources. 

In addition to math and literacy goals, another focus is belonging. How do we foster a sense of belonging, especially since it is a fairly ambiguous concept. Recently Ms. Hanson sent out a survey for students, attempting to gauge how the students and families feel and whether they have a sense of belonging in the community. She is trying to define the goal more and more to come on the subject. 

For fundraising, the Booster Club will need to advise Allison so she may approve it before the event occurs. This has always been an HSD policy, and the boosters have 

typically kept Allison apprised. There also needs to have a designation of how the funds would be utilized. Allison also offered to see if teachers would be amenable to include any fundraising advertisements via Google Classroom, Remind or the newsletter. 

Allison also wants to include community news in the newsletter. If anyone has any input, please let her know. 

Pamela introduced a motion to approve the budget. There were no changes from the last meeting, and since the budget was presented, we can vote. Pamela moved to approve. There was a second and third motion to approve. The budget passed with no one opposed. 

Pamela then introduced a motion to vote for the open board seat nominations. There were no additional nominations since last meeting. Erin Stafford was nominated as co-treasurer, Vic Fiore and Elisabeth Pope were nominated as volunteer coordinators. The motions all received second and third motions to approve. The nominations were approved with no one in opposition. The Booster Club Board for the 2020/21 school year is as follows: 

Pamela Lamm – President 

Robyn Bruun – Vice President 

Erin Stafford and Shannon Takizawa – Co-Treasurers 

Erica Binelli – Secretary 

Elisabeth Pope and Vic Fiore – Volunteer Coordinators. 

Robyn stated she just started to gather information for restaurant night. Some businesses she called; some have all the information online. The challenge is just fitting all the pieces together, so we don’t have multiple fundraising nights in one month. She does plan to reach out to Karina for some advice. More to come as these events are scheduled. Robyn will connect with Allison to ensure the appropriate approval process is followed. 

Robyn also mentioned there were no attendees for coffee chat other than her and Erin. The decision was made to postpone the virtual get together in November and regroup in the Spring. Next time we can use Remind or other means of advertising to see if it generates interest. 

Spirit Day is 10/30 and it will be Black and Orange day. Allison will engage the 6th graders for future spirit day ideas. 

Shannon reminded everyone about the Scip order and to please ensure the teachers make their requests. 

Erin will need to be added to the bank account, so a copy of the meeting minutes will need to be signed by all board members. 

Robyn brought up the book fair proceeds, and potentially using them to provide books to kids in need versus books for the library we can’t currently use. Allison liked the idea and she said how she is focusing on two places in the community as part of our community engagement. She mentioned the manager of Villa Capris is new to our community and is looking to create a space on site to bring people together safely but have resources like books. Another area, Creekside, Allison thought one of the free book vestibules may be an option. Vic suggested themed book collections, and both Robyn and Elisabeth suggested mystery/surprise bags with themed books based on grade level. These ideas may be incorporated with the plans for the two communities. The Booster Club will look into this further to see how we can help. 

There were no further questions or comments, so Pamela concluded the meeting 

Booster Club Meeting – 9/8/2020

The Booster Club held their general meeting on the evening of 9/8/20. All board members were in attendance, as was Principal Combs and several Orenco parents.  Allison Combs commenced the meeting providing an update on how she and the staff
are preparing for an atypical start of the school year. She said that all the staff are working hard and staying positive during these unprecedented events. Everyone is excited to start the new year, but misses being together. The teachers are anxious to
get to know their students and their families.

Every year, Allison picks a theme for the school year. This year, she chose a theme from Hamilton – “Rise Up”. Every day Orcas have to meet challenges and rise up.  Allison appreciates everyone’s support, including the Booster Club and parents. This year, her focus is hearing more from the Orenco community – to gain valuable feedback and ideas from families and students. Although no spirit days are planned yet, Allison will explore themes and would love to have student input and recommendations. Allison appreciates whatever way the Boosters can assist. She is open to any spirit day suggestions.

Allison also said she is looking for thought partners/creatives to help commemorate Orenco’s 20th anniversary since the building’s opening. There are still items stored at the school from previous milestone anniversaries. One idea is to include a memory or a
“blurb” in the monthly parent newsletter.

Robyn asked for ideas to show the staff/teachers appreciation. The Boosters have brainstormed ideas while considering our limitations with distancing and having no access to the building. The Boosters are open to ideas and suggestions to tackle this in a virtual environment. A few of the suggestions included: a heartfelt email, lawn sign or yard flamingos, electronic gift cards or a virtual slideshow. Allison actually had signs

made at the end of the last school year and she said it cost about $6/sign. Another parent, Elizabeth, said they did this at her former school and it was around $300. With a much leaner budget, the sign option is cost prohibitive. Plus, the logistics of distribution could be challenging. Pam already worked on an email to let the staff know how much we appreciate them.

Pam introduced the by-law amendment regarding board members from the community during times of emergency, like the current situation with COVID. There are a few board members who had children enrolled last year but are opting to enroll in one of the homeschooling programs for the interim. The intent is to allow for continuity and keep these dedicated parent volunteers involved through this unprecedented situation. The
hope is we will never have to use this by-law again, but at least we are prepared if something else should occur. This amendment also avoids dissolution of the board since we are required to have a specific number of roles filled otherwise, we need to disband. Since the language was previously presented, the motion was made to call a vote. There were no questions or comments and the measure passed without dissent.

Next Pam nominated Erin to fill one of the vacated co-treasurer roles. She asked for any nominations for the volunteer coordinator role Erin would vacate. Elizabeth Pope offered to run for volunteer coordinator as did Victor Fiore. They were both nominated by Erin, with a second by Robyn and a third by Pam. The group discussed and felt open to having two volunteer coordinators as they could both learn the role and partner on any tasks. Since we aren’t having any in-person events for the time being, it’s a great opportunity to learn and the board advised how although there are assigned tasks for each position, we all help each other, regardless of our elected position. The vote will
occur at the October meeting.

Erin presented the proposed budget for the 2020/2021 school year. She started by saying how we didn’t make much last year since our biggest fundraisers couldn’t be held. Typically, we fundraise for the following year. She reviewed our anticipated expenditures as well as some line items which were reduced, but we have some room to make edits depending on feedback. Erin pointed out the funds for PE are a result of a grant Mr. Johnson received so those will be untouched. The teacher stipends were reduced to $150 but could increase back to $200 if there is a need. Allison confirmed there will be a STEAM event but may be virtual. Erin advised we still hope to have one or two art lit projects, even if we have to conduct it virtually. The Art to Remember fundraiser was quite successful last year, and it would be great to pair this with an art lit project in the spring. The Orca Live funds are for a party and gifts for the kids at the end of the year. Orca Live is very popular and will move forward even through distance learning. Erin mentioned we are not continuing with Scholastic News. It was quite expensive and since there is no one accessing the building, we did not renew. Allison mentioned the new language arts program has something similar embedded in its curriculum, so indeed, Scholastic News in unnecessary. As for yearbook, we had zeroed the funds out, but can add some money back to cover the printing costs for order forms. This is roughly $30, but Erin suggested we use the funds already set aside for printing since we most likely won’t be printing much this year.

We have some funds we can reallocate or use for teacher/student needs. Allison said she would let the Boosters know what is or may be needed. A question was posed about any additional funds remaining and their use. Erin stated we would hold a meeting for a vote for anything over $100. Robyn asked about rolling over any unused funds since, as a non-profit, there are conditions for how much can remain unspent. Our concern is not spending for spending’s sake, when we will be unable to fundraise at the same level as before, so the next budget will be even leaner. We agreed this will be discussed and voted on for next year’s budget.  Budget approval will be voted on at the next general meeting in October.

Pam then reviewed the calendar. We have a virtual coffee break scheduled for 10/7 and hope to have a few of these meetups to welcome new parents, but also just help maintain a sense of community. Pam said we are open to any suggestions for fundraising or virtual events. Vic asked about spirit days and Pam said although we don’t know the themes, the hope is we could still do something every month to get the kids involved. The hope is we don’t put to much additional burden on the teachers to coordinate. Allison said she could set up a Google survey or discuss in class meetings.  She also said how she is consulting other principals regarding what they are doing and see if virtual assemblies are an option. Boosters can advertise on FaceBook and see if we can share any pictures from spirit days. A parent, Jen, voiced an opinion about having a yearbook and discussion ensued about how we could get creative to obtain photos and have a yearbook regardless of the unusual circumstances. Mandi Bailey oversees the yearbook production so there should be consult with her. Allison also suggested getting the 6 th graders involved for yearbook production. There is no information on whether there would be traditional school pictures.

Jill said there is a code for Scholastic so Orenco can benefit from purchases.  Allison will check if Remind can be accessed for those who opted to enroll in OR Charter or HOA for the school year; then they can remain connected.  Erin said we hope to have a virtual holiday shop, so more to come on this.  Jogathon is ready to go, and we will explore a virtual option if necessary.

The next meeting is Thursday 10/13/2020 at 7pm. 

There are board meetings the first Tuesday of each month, so the next is 10/6.


Booster Meeting Minutes 5/12/2020

The Orenco Booster Club held a virtual meeting on Tuesday May 12th. Current board members who were present include Pam Lamm, Erin Stafford, Bree Sibbel and Erica Binelli. Principal Allison Combs attended along with Robyn Bruun and Shannon Takizawa.

Pam brought the meeting to order. Bree advised the budget document is updated to include the funds raised from the Art to Remember art lit fundraiser. The amount is $1,088.50. Also, the Book Fair line item was corrected since it showed a negative balance. There was money in the safe at school in preparation for the book fair that did not happen due to the stay at home order. The sheet will be updated to reflect a positive balance. Bree reminded the group to contact Dara or Bree through the booster club email if any vendors need to be paid; they can issue checks.

Allison expressed her appreciation for the support the boosters have provided and how the teachers, students and community have all shown amazing flexibility and adaptability during these interesting times. There have been so many changes in a short time and the staff have really stepped up. The HISD board is met and it’s expected the superintendent will release a notice about furloughs for the next five Fridays. This means staff will not be working at all during these days. June 11th is the last day of school for students and June 12th for teachers. If any changes, the district will make an announcement and provide an updated calendar.

Bree commented about how compassionate the teachers have been, especially with so many kids understanding what’s going on and how different this experience is. Allison agreed that teachers have risen to the occasion.

Allison also reported the GoFund Me funds are being distributed to those families in need. Primarily for groceries and phone plans.

Erin indicated the set up was easy and the funding partner, WePay, only takes a very small percentage and processes funds very quickly.

Pam asked the group if there were any questions before we moved on. No one had any questions/comments.

Pam next began the voting process for next year’s Booster Club board. She asked Shannon if she was still ok with the co-treasurer nomination, since her husband had nominated her during the last meeting where she couldn’t attend. She advised she is.
Bree advised she will remain available to help train Shannon and to ensure a smooth transition.

Shannon mentioned she cannot be part of any IRS audit of the Booster Club due to her current employment/career. She would need to recuse to avoid any conflict of interest. Although the club has not been audited, three years ago it had a review conducted to ensure there were no issues or concerns, and none were noted. If an audit should occur, Shannon could step down and another interim Co-Treasurer can be nominated/elected since the by-laws stipulate two treasurers are required.

The voting proceeded and none of the nominations were opposed. The Booster Club board for the 2020/21 school year is as follows:

Volunteer Coordinator – Erin Stafford
Secretary – Erica Binelli
Co-Treasurers – Shannon Takizawa and Dara Wills (Dara is in year 2 of her tenure)
Vice President – Robyn Bruun
President – Pamela Lamm

Congratulations shared to all.

Shannon asked about Scrip and whether Karina would continue overseeing the program. Bree indicated she asked Karina and her response was whether there is someone on the board who would take over. The board will speak with Karina and will discuss if anyone can/will take it up. Robyn raised the point Scrip may be one of the only avenues for revenue next school year, depending on what happens with COVID and whether we can return to school physically or not. If we are still distance learning or staggered school attendance, we may want to keep it going. Bree mentioned it is about $2000 revenue.

Bree also mentioned she has her name connected to the Venmo account due to the way you have to set it up. It can’t be under the Booster Club since the board doesn’t have a debit or credit card. Someone will need to take this over as well. Venmo has been very successful and has helped process around $3000 of funds. Bree advised there will need to be a new website administrator once she steps down. Erin said she will take that piece over.

The next meeting for just board members in July. The board meets with Allison in July and then there is the first meeting in the fall for the entire booster community.

Erin said if we are back in the fall, then art lit and the Art to Remember fundraiser would need to be a priority. Allison mentioned there is a right brain artist contract which was not utilized this spring due to quarantine. The contract start date is moved to the fall. These are not visual artists, so this cannot be used as a replacement for art lit. We discussed maybe postponing Art to Remember to the spring, focusing on Mother’s Day, as to not overwhelm students and staff in the fall, especially after a difficult spring and summer.

The playground committee/planning is postponed for now, but funds are still earmarked and there for when the project can be undertaken. Allison mentioned she will write up a proposal this summer and submit to Adam Stewart at HISD. He has a folder where he saves ideas for the district schools. After the budget funding is in place, if there are remaining funds, he can access these proposals. If we proceed and then we are chosen as one of the “good idea” projects, there is a possibility of reimbursement.

At this time the district has asked we do not conduct fundraising. Although the book fair was not advertised, there is a chance someone uses the code and it generates income.

Allison proposed accessing ex-library books which are currently stored by the district, have them disinfected and disbursed along with the meal delivery. Just as an additional resource for families at this time. More to come on this…getting word out to the families.

Robyn inquired about the response to the meal distribution. Allison indicated it was around 100 kids, but since it is for the Orenco community, may not be confined to the school. With the Friday furloughs, meals on Thursday will be for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, which may increase interest.

With no further questions or concerns, Pam concluded the meeting.

Booster Meeting Minutes 4/14/2020
The Orenco Booster Club met virtually on 4/14/2020. The entire board was present, in addition Mark Taki, Jill Appel, Karina Dadaj and Robyn Bruun attended.

Meeting began with a brief discussion on yearbook orders, and how they are down significantly from last year. We discussed trying to have an email sent out from the school and using Bloomz to raise awareness. We may be able to see if Allison could include in morning meeting on Mondays or if teachers could include in their morning meetings. Jill mentioned distance learning pictures are also lacking; they have 14 and need 80. Particularly, band pictures have been requested. All due by the end of April.
Bree and Dara reviewed the budget line items, addressing what our financial situation will be next year. They announced Jog-a-thon will be held in spring 2021. The board considered holding the event this fall, but due to the unique challenges of the current situation, it was decided next spring is the best option. HISD has asked there be no virtual fundraising, so Orenco will abide.
Since many events did not occur this school year, it leaves funds available to carry over into next year. Next year will be leaner, and this means some of the events/programs may not occur, but we should be able to host most of what the booster club normally hosts.
The budget spreadsheet delineates between what was spent, what wasn’t spent and what would carry over. For Income, this number may change if we see more income from Box Tops. This is the same for community programs (like Amazon and Fred Meyer rewards). If policies change about fundraising, we could have dining nights in the summer, which would increase the income as well.
Again, Jog-a-thon is paused with the intent to hold the event in the spring of 2021. Any reference on the budget/funds for the event are not calculated in our total.

Luckily, holiday shop was a success, and more money was raised than expected.

Bree went over the remainder of the budget – operating costs, classroom enhancements, grants, etc. The field trip money we will ask if earmarked for use next year since some classes did not get to take their field trips. The playground enhancement is a commitment the board made, and those funds remain earmarked for that use. Erin asked about Art to Remember, and the treasurers will ensure a line item is added to account for those funds made from our Art Lit project. Again, there were events we didn’t get to hold or items we already had supplied, so this leaves funds to roll over.
For Book Fair, Bree and Dara will take a closer look at that line item.
The $3000 set aside for emergencies is also not calculated in as we, as a rule, don’t touch those monies unless an urgent matter arises.
This leaves $15,719, but adding in Art to Remember and gift cards, the total we can carry over is approximately $16,679. Bree and Dara will provide any updates as necessary after researching the items discussed during the meeting (Art to Remember and Book Fair).
The motion was raised by Pam to move the remaining funds to the next school year – 2020/21. The motion was seconded and there was no one opposed.
There will be an official 2020/21 budget proposal in the fall and then will be voted on a month later.
As for Booster Board nominations, the board asked if there was anyone interested in nominating themselves or others for the board. Bree presented the by-laws and reviewed the descriptions of each of the positions: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator. The consensus was the descriptions do need an update, and the current board stated how it really is a team effort, and other than the very specific position requirements, we all help with what is needed. Bree is at the end of her two -year commitment as co-Treasurer and will not be putting her name in for nomination. 

The following are the individuals and positions for the 2020/21 board:
Pam Lamm – President
Robyn Bruun – Vice President
Dara Wills – Co-Treasurer (will be Dara’s second year of a two-year term, so this is just documenting her position)
Shannon Takizawa – Co-Treasurer
Erica Binelli – Secretary
Erin Stafford – Volunteer Coordinator
The Booster Club will hold another virtual meeting on Tuesday, 5/12/2020 at 7:00 PM to hold a vote for the board.

Closing questions/comments:

Mark asked if the board knew why the teacher parade was cancelled. No one had any concrete details, but the assumption was there may have been complaints from the neighborhood or parents which got to the school board.
Another reminder about yearbooks and the push for advertising since sales are down. Another appeal for distance learning pictures as well.
Reminder again to ensure the Orenco community is still collecting/submitting BoxTops and using Amazon and Freddie rewards.
Robyn asked about whether the link for the virtual meeting could be included on the announcement itself posted on various media platforms. For the email from the school, they request a PDF, so the link can’t be a hyperlink. The link is on Facebook in the comments above the advertisement.
The meeting concluded asking if anyone had any additional questions, to please email the booster club.

Booster Meeting Minutes – 10/8/2019

The meeting commenced with Allison Combs providing an update on Bloomz. This is a priority and she is working to get things set up to move forward. There is a new media assistant starting, who has a degree in library science and experience with STEAM/Makers Space. More to come once she starts.

The district’s updated sexual education health curriculum is being finalized, taking parent comments/concerns into account. Allison would like to have a discussion before the November booster meeting with the Orenco community regarding the content of the curriculum. The intent is transparency, but not a debate; more of an information session, including the assistant superintendent’s video regarding resources and one-page synopses based on grade. The boosters weren’t planning on a meeting in November but can hold one specific to the playground improvements – see if we can start the formation of a committee. The meeting will be November 12th at 7:00 PM.

Our Papa’s Pizza fundraiser yielded $402.58.

Pam presented the Orenco stickers and magnets, which the booster club will have for sale at all events and meetings. The hope is to promote school spirit/pride. There is also a plan for a reusable bag bundle with the Orenco logo. More to come on the latter.

Bree and Dara introduced the new website and discussed the updates to the budget based on the previous meeting. A question arose about Boxtops and whether they will still generate what is expected. Currently Boxtops are accepting physical and digital submissions. Erin mentioned sending out a reminder and some info on this…it is also on the website.

No questions or comments came in from the teachers regarding the budget. Erin sent out an email and did not receive any feedback.

A question about Bloomz feedback was asked and it’s all positive.

A question was posed whether teachers like the gift cards or prefer another means of receiving funds. The Visa cards work well, but through SCRIP they are on backorder. This will be monitored to see if we have to go a different route not to delay fund disbursement.

There was a brief review of funding for the playground equipment and the additional line items for field trips, maker space and Bloomz.

Erin asked a question about whether teachers are utilizing the materials from Scholastic, considering the increase in cost. Teachers are using them and there were several upgrades to their digital content, videos and analysis tools for teachers. A comment was made about receiving several duplicate copies of the Scholastic sheets. Erin said she would investigate this since she just made some updates to the account to correct teacher information/subscription quantities.

With no further questions, Jill raised the motion to pass the 2019/20 budget; it was seconded and unanimously approved.

There will be a sign-up genius sent out for Staff Appreciation (11/7). A question came up about Halloween and whether the children will be allowed to wear one piece of their costume. They can, and some grades/classes are having Harvest parties. Spirit Day is 10/25/2019 – Black and Orange day.

Booster Meeting Minutes – September 17, 2019

The Orenco Booster Club held its first meeting of the 2019/20 school year on Tuesday, 9/17/19. The Booster board was in attendance, along with Principal Combs and several parents and long-time volunteers.

The meeting opened with Co-Treasurers, Bree and Dara, overviewing the 2019/20 booster budget. The majority of fundraising is the result of Jogathon, holiday shop, restaurant nights, Amazon Smile, Kohls, etc. The result is roughly $47,000 from last year’s fundraising. As voted on last year, we will set aside $10k per year for playground improvements, to have a more inclusive environment for all children to enjoy. This is accounted for in the budget. The purchases/spend stayed pretty much the same, other than some consolidation of certain categories for better alignment with the spend intent. These line items include teacher allotments, sno-cones, kinder breakfast, field day, art lit, 6th grade graduation, staff birthdays, etc. There is also a back-up of $3000.

There was a question posed about the line item for Orca Live since they received a grant from the Hillsboro Foundation. Bree explained there are emergency funds in case of equipment failure/repairs and a small portion for end of year party.

There is $7600 remaining after considering all line items and discussion was opened as to what we should do with these funds, i.e., grants or appropriate funds specifically. Principal Combs pointed out there was some staffing changes, so there is an additional $600 which can be added to the remaining funds.

It was asked who decides and Bree explained it is open to discussion and voting. If there are funds remaining from line items the previous year, the board does have leeway for rolling over funds or applying changes when the funds are under $300. As a non-profit entity, the Booster Club can’t have excessive funds left over, and this is why we encourage those who receive funds to spend it.

A proposal was made to add the first day red-carpet event as a line item.

The topic of playground improvement was broached because a committee is needed to oversee market research, investigate possible grants, etc. This will be discussed again at a later date.

Principal Combs proposed ways to utilize the remaining funds as opposed to grants. There doesn’t appear to be a dire need among teachers, and the group briefly discussed the cumbersome nature of having to put together proposals. Ms. Combs spoke of the district budget shortfall, resulting in fewer staff members and increased class sizes. This impacts the entire school, so she has ideas of using these funds to fill in gaps. Ms. Combs previously paid for field trips but is proposing the Booster Club now pay for it. There are 7 grades at $500 each for a total of $3500. The goal is to make these events manageable for all families, limiting what they would need to contribute at $5 or less. There is also a proposed subsidy for Life Skills of an additional $150.

There is a printer in the workroom, but also printers in pods, which the teachers often use for printing sensitive information they don’t want sent to workroom. The printer ink cartridges are rather expensive at a total of $875. It was also discussed how printshop can be utilized.

Currently many teachers opt to use the Bloomz app to communicate with parents with great success. The feedback from teachers and parents is overwhelmingly positive. The proposal is to have this utilized school wide. The basic level allows for messaging at a cost of $2170/year. The next tier allows for messaging along with volunteer sign up and calendars at a cost of $3255/year. The Booster Club could also use the app to streamline volunteer sign up. There was discussion about cost and whether it has a good return on investment. Based on feedback, it would be invaluable and would eliminate duplicate emails; it enhances communication and could assist with improving parent involvement with school activities. Ms. Combs advised she would require teachers to opt in. The point was raised it could also be required for parents to opt in to both the classroom and Boosters. Bloomz has an admin feature which allows monitoring to ensure usage. If successful, this could be added as a line item to the budget as a continuous expenditure.

Ms. Combs would like to create a Maker’s Space/Stem Lab. This was discussed briefly last year and would like to have it come to fruition. We have space in the old music room to set up an area where the children can Jill checked with scholastic and felt $500 would be sufficient to get things up and running. Incorporate into specials or reserved for class time.

Rather than fund the proposed items, money could be puttowards more Chromebooks since 3rd grade is still 2:1, and 2ndgrade is still cart sharing. However, the proposal put forward would benefit all children versus individual classrooms. If all attendees agree, the items would be added to the budget to be voted on at the next meeting.

All attendees were in favor of everything except the printer cartridges. The residual funds plus the additional $600 (from adjustment for staff changes), we could fund all the other proposals. We will strongly encourage the teachers to attend the next meeting to see if they have any further suggestions.

Also noted Junior Robotics does not need funding, so that is an additional $200.

Details of the proposed budget will be made available to all for review and then will be voted on at the next meeting October 8th.

The Volunteer Coordinator position on the Booster Board remains vacant. This individual would be responsible for recruiting volunteers, create the sign-up genius for events, liaisewith committee heads and check in with volunteers at events. A question was posed about the time commitment. Erin noted it is whatever the individual can offer, but it would mean attending events and ensuring volunteers are sorted accordingly. If anyone is interested, they can contact the Booster Board

The Fall Book Fair 10/14-18. It will be open every day and during the harvest party. A sign-up genius will go out for volunteers to staff the event.

The Harvest Party will be on 10/18. The hope was to form a committee, but with so few attendees at the meeting, one cannot be formed. The event will host games, relays, ball toss, a photo booth, food and drinks. We’ve hired a vendor who will sell pizza, hot dogs and cotton candy from 6-8. We will needvolunteers to serve in 30 minute shifts so all can also enjoy time with their families. A sign-up genius will go out shortly.

Art Lit is underway for the new school year. This program is where we proctor an art project in all classrooms, 3-4 times per year. This year we are pairing art lit with a fundraiser through Art to Remember. The children’s projects are turned into all different items (mugs, magnets, key chains, etc.) for purchase. 25% of profit goes back to the school. It looks like other art projects can also be uploaded through the company. The project should only take 60-90 minutes, and a training video is available for those who could not attend the training session. We have a tight turn around since all projects need to be completed by 10/9so we can submit to Art to Remember. By meeting this deadline, the orders will be received before the holidays.

Upcoming Events:

9/27 – Spirit Day/Crazy hair day

10/3 – Papa’s Pizza fundraiser

10/14-18 – Fall Book Fair

10/18 – Harvest Party

Ms. Combs confirmed the Booster Club can use can utilize the cafeteria freezer for ice cream/popsicles for school events.

Multiples Day was brought up and a proposal made to replace it with another theme. The concern is whether it could promote bullying or cause exclusion among the children. We can brainstorm other themes and since we planned on updating the calendar at winter break we can make the edit for this spirit day.